Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thanks Jane!


Jane and Riley

Our thanks to Jane whose watching over Riley our Golden Retriever. It was sad leaving him however we're sure he'll have a great summer. Jane lives right on on the water and gives Riley plenty of exercise. She's also a dog trainer who was instrumental in helping us with Riley. Riley was rescued and nursed back to health after being found abandoned in the woods. When he came to live with us he needed to learn some manners. That's where Jane came in - now he's such a good boy who we'll miss dearly during this adventure.


Sunday, May 24, 2015


Prayed over at EABC

Our departure date is rapidly coming upon us! We leave for Oregon in only three days. Wow! We are looking so much forward to this grand adventure but we have also realized how important being covered in prayer is. Last night at church service our pastor and church prayed over us - how wonderful and humbling. For those of you who pray, please do so for us...

  • Our safety as we travel.
  • Our response to "God moments" as we travel. God has brought so many different people across our path on each of our earlier tours that we have no doubt that there will be plenty more on this one. We pray for sensitivity and a willingness to be used of God as we travel.
  • Us as a couple - that our love for each other will grow even deeper. God has given me a fantastic wife and life mate. There aren't many women that would look forward to 3 months on a bicycle with only one set of street clothes to choose from when we are not riding (among other things). I even had the nerve to ask her if she really needed a towel. You can guess her answer.