Tuesday, October 13, 2015


We've now been home a little more than one month. Our ride is quickly becoming a very fond memory. We are busy at home with our orchard, general maintenance, and other commitments. However, it is wonderful to be home. But we miss the road, adventure, and exercise with the resulting sense of overal well-being that all those endorphins floating around in our blood stream did for us.

Some observations:

  • God has been so good to us and His protecting hand was evident during our ride from weather, traffic, and more.
  • We met so many wonderful people along the way that we cannot help but have a renewed love and hope for our human race.
  • We enjoyed each other so very much and the closeness I felt with Marcia only makes me hungrier for more.
  • A cross country ride is a great weight loss program. We lost weight! Now to keep it off!
  • I can't eat 7 eggs in one morning without dire consequences. Use your imagination.
  • Hot dogs tasted oh so good while on the ride. Piled high with mustard, pickle relish, and maybe sourkraut - even better.
  • As time goes by the memory of our ride improves. Is this like childbirth? I remember during the ride thinking that people who do this more than once are nuts. I no longer think that.
  • We couldn't get enough milk shakes. Wow! Were they good! And then there were orange slices (the candy) - yum.
  • Not much tasted better than a good Root Beer. And we're not talking about the diet stuff.
  • North Dakota was the friendliest state we encountered.
  • Montana is very big! Northwestern Montana is green and mountainous. North central and northeastern is flat, brown, and a little dusty. We saw towns off in the distance probably 5 to 10 miles before actually getting there. It went on for a very long time.
  • The "Bunkhouse" in Minnesota should not be missed. It's hospitality at its best.
  • Northern Wisconsin was a delight with abundant lakes, forests, and an unexpected bike path at the end of a long day.
  • Michigan is pretty but very touristy.
  • Dog fixes were a must with each Golden and Bassett sighting.
  • Ellsworth, Michigan was inspiring. Front Porch Cafe is a wonderful cooperative ministry by 5 local churches.
  • It felt so good to hit Vermont! The mountains made us feel like we were home. They are so beautiful!
  • Familiar faces were an awesome welcome when we were surprised by a couple of good friends in New Hampshire.
  • Last but not least - There's no place like home!


Sunday, August 23, 2015

Finished in Freeport

It's late in the day but we need to do our blog before we lose any details. We began the day with a good breakfast then headed out on Route 5 north out of Fryeburg. We pedaled to Lovell then took 93 east to the infamous Sweden Hill road. It's infamous to us because we have ridden it several times before - East to West. We knew there was a steep "head wall" going West to East and I was not looking forward to it. As it turns out that "head wall" is the only hill we walked in our entire ride.

Highlight today was reuniting with several good friends. We met Bob and Dave 35 miles into today's ride. Bob rode with us to Freeport and Dave as far as his home in Auburn. Rick D found us at Dave & Kathy's home, a couple friends saw us along the road to Freeport, and a few more in Freeport. We are now at Dave & Kathy's, our stomachs are full (thank you Kathy!), and we are enjoying great conversation. It is good to be home.

We have so much to be thankful for. The prayers of so many were felt along this entire trip as we pedaled along with fires and violent storms occurring in areas not far from us. God was with us when Steve's handlebar broke - keeping us safe and making repairs possible and relatively quick. Our hearts are greatful to the many friends and family that made this trip so successful.

Dave, Steve, Bob
Yes! We've done it
Front tire in the Atlantic

Miles today = 80

Final miles = 4311


Saturday, August 22, 2015

Climbed the Kanc and entered Maine.

The ride over the Kanc was awesome! The views were spectacular and the climb from the west side was not as difficult as we had imagined. The climb up the Kanc west to east was easier than any of the other passes we climbed through Vermont and New Hampshire and the views were definitely the best. Interesting thing is that yesterday we climbed roughly 5000 ft compared to half that in doing the Kanc today.

I was so excited to see the Welcome to Maine sign. Yahoo, there is no place like home! Tomorrow we ride from Fryeburg to Freeport, about 80 miles. We will dip the front tire in the Atlantic and consider our journey complete.

We are spending the night at a wonderful B&B, Admiral Peary Inn. They welcome 2 legged and 4 legged guests! The resident dog, a yellow lab named Mia, provided us with doggie love!

Miles today = 47

Total miles = 4231


Friday, August 21, 2015

Glasses need windshield wipers.

Today was our first ride in the rain and boy did it RAIN! We climbed from Bethel Vermont to Lincoln New Hampshire through 3 mountain passes. We were in the clouds on our last pass and were very thankful for our flashing lights on the front and back of the tandem. Imagine our surprise when we were taking a break in North Haverhill N.H. and 2 very familiar faces popped out of a car to say hello. What a treat to see Chip and Diane Palmer. Tomorrow we ride the " Kank" into Fryeburg Maine joined by some great friends. Our journey is coming to an end!

Miles today = 77

Total miles = 4184

Steve & Marcia with good friend Diane



Thursday, August 20, 2015

Bethel, Vt

Our day began with a ride on the Ticonderoga ferry across the Champlain Valley to Vermont. This ferry was established in 1759 and is one of the oldest ferry crossings in North America. We rode from the ferry to Middlebury where we had breakfast in preparation to climb the Middlebury Gap. This is our first major climb in the Green and White Mountains. It was a tough climb but we did great and reached the top in good order. I had forgotten how mountainous Vermont is but was quickly reminded as we pedaled along rivers and streams with mountains all around us. It is very beautiful and made us feel very small. Our day ended in Bethel which is a very quaint New England town.

Miles today = 63

Total miles = 4107

At the top!


Wednesday, August 19, 2015


After a good breakfast in Long Lake we headed out for Ticonderoga. As it turned out we have driven today's route several times when visiting family in NY. It's a good route for bicycles except for a section of Route 74 that twists and turns without the benefit of a shoulder. We felt very vulnerable but with the benefit of knowing the road and where things would get better.

Most of the Route was very beautiful with views of mountains as we crested each climb and several ponds and marshes as we descended from each of our climbs. Noteworthy was our passage by the head waters of the Hudson River and our first view into Vermont as we crested our last hill climb.

First view into Vermont

Miles today = 63

Total miles = 4044


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Long Lake

Today we left my sister's home after 3 days of rest. We also left 30 lbs of camping gear plus our BOB trailer behind. We'll be hoteling it for the rest of our trip. Shedding the weight really felt good as we worked our way through the Adirondacks. Our ride was very scenic beginning with the Moose River and continuing with various lakes along our route. We finished our days ride in Long Lake NY at the Sand Point motel.

Riding along the Moose River

It seems that no matter what we do we can be humbled by those we encounter. We met some truly long distance cyclists today. Heidi and Markus Dangl started in Los Angeles and are heading toward NY city. That will complete their 4th continent in their quest to ride around the world. From NY city they will be heading for Africa. If interested, you can find them at http://www.2roadrunners-on-tour.at . They are from Austria so you may need to brush up on your German. They were really interesting to visit with - we're glad we were given the opportunity.

Miles today = 77

Total miles = 3981