Wednesday, August 19, 2015


After a good breakfast in Long Lake we headed out for Ticonderoga. As it turned out we have driven today's route several times when visiting family in NY. It's a good route for bicycles except for a section of Route 74 that twists and turns without the benefit of a shoulder. We felt very vulnerable but with the benefit of knowing the road and where things would get better.

Most of the Route was very beautiful with views of mountains as we crested each climb and several ponds and marshes as we descended from each of our climbs. Noteworthy was our passage by the head waters of the Hudson River and our first view into Vermont as we crested our last hill climb.

First view into Vermont

Miles today = 63

Total miles = 4044



  1. Awesome that you are so close. It must be a nice feeling to be in New England. When do you think you will cross the NH/ME line?

    1. We will be in Fryeburg Saturday night. We'll finish Sunday, then be home Monday morning.

  2. I was at Fort Ticonderoga the summer before I turned 6. My parents, sister Jackie, Aunt Snookie, and I went to the Fort on vacation; my brother Jimi was a few months from being born. My mother's side was from St. Johnsbury. Yeah, Vermont.