Saturday, August 22, 2015

Climbed the Kanc and entered Maine.

The ride over the Kanc was awesome! The views were spectacular and the climb from the west side was not as difficult as we had imagined. The climb up the Kanc west to east was easier than any of the other passes we climbed through Vermont and New Hampshire and the views were definitely the best. Interesting thing is that yesterday we climbed roughly 5000 ft compared to half that in doing the Kanc today.

I was so excited to see the Welcome to Maine sign. Yahoo, there is no place like home! Tomorrow we ride from Fryeburg to Freeport, about 80 miles. We will dip the front tire in the Atlantic and consider our journey complete.

We are spending the night at a wonderful B&B, Admiral Peary Inn. They welcome 2 legged and 4 legged guests! The resident dog, a yellow lab named Mia, provided us with doggie love!

Miles today = 47

Total miles = 4231


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  1. I won't be working at Bean's tomorrow, but want to welcome you back to Maine. Maybe you'll go to Wolfe's Neck State Park; but anywhere would be wonderful to dip your bike tire in - and your toes, too, perhaps.