Sunday, August 23, 2015

Finished in Freeport

It's late in the day but we need to do our blog before we lose any details. We began the day with a good breakfast then headed out on Route 5 north out of Fryeburg. We pedaled to Lovell then took 93 east to the infamous Sweden Hill road. It's infamous to us because we have ridden it several times before - East to West. We knew there was a steep "head wall" going West to East and I was not looking forward to it. As it turns out that "head wall" is the only hill we walked in our entire ride.

Highlight today was reuniting with several good friends. We met Bob and Dave 35 miles into today's ride. Bob rode with us to Freeport and Dave as far as his home in Auburn. Rick D found us at Dave & Kathy's home, a couple friends saw us along the road to Freeport, and a few more in Freeport. We are now at Dave & Kathy's, our stomachs are full (thank you Kathy!), and we are enjoying great conversation. It is good to be home.

We have so much to be thankful for. The prayers of so many were felt along this entire trip as we pedaled along with fires and violent storms occurring in areas not far from us. God was with us when Steve's handlebar broke - keeping us safe and making repairs possible and relatively quick. Our hearts are greatful to the many friends and family that made this trip so successful.

Dave, Steve, Bob
Yes! We've done it
Front tire in the Atlantic

Miles today = 80

Final miles = 4311




    We are proud of you and glad to have you as friends

    Truly your trip was blessed by God

    Welcome home

    Jeanette and Alex

  2. I am so thrilled and impressed by your hard work and persistence in bicycling across the entire USA. Welcome home to Maine.

  3. Praise God! Awesome accomplishment! Glad to have you back home.